Cloud Services

Cloud networks have helped us save a lot of time and effort when it comes to managing the amounts of data that we handle as an organization. The ease of accessibility, the amount of flexibility and resiliency offered by our cloud services are on the best in the industry. And this is not because we say it, it is because of the growing number of organizations around the world, who make Volantsoft their home for cloud services.

We invest heavily in our data centers to ensure that the level of security is uncompromised. We utilize everything from security software to physical security solutions, to ensure that our clients enjoy the lowest risk when it comes to the security of data. We collaborate with a number of providers to bring superior cloud services for enterprises which leverage the leading cloud platforms around the world.

At Volantsoft, you can rely on our services for the best cloud solutions for your company. Whether it is Software as a Service or Platform as a service, or cloud hosting, we can ensure that all of these services are provided to you using the best technology available. We share your vision of making your presence felt in the industry by means of cloud services which can help you provide your services with an ease of accessibility.

We have servers located in —– / around strategic points around the world so that you can reduce latency when your customers try to use your services. It helps in accelerating app data delivery and ensures better customer experience. With your customer getting an augmented experience, it helps you drive your revenue. Our success lies in the success of our clients who continually talk about how easy things have become for them because of our cloud services.

We also provide smooth cloud migration which helps you transit from local servers to cloud servers without having to go through the hassles involved in the move. With our experienced team of engineers, we are able to ensure that your data is transitioned smoothly and reliably without any loss to the cloud servers.

The Volantsoft Difference

At Volantsoft, we perceive our customer’s needs and work to achieve their business objectives through the services we provide to them. We work as an extended cloud engineering team which works along with the IT team of your organization to establish secure cloud services for your organization. The combination of an informed team, advanced technology and cloud security helps us provide you the best in industry for your enterprise’s cloud needs.