Quality Assurance

All our clients are always interested in knowing whether the products conform to the local and national standards of the industry. This is very common in every organization and we understand your concern regarding the quality of the software or products that you will be using. After all, no one like to use a product or service that may not pass the quality standards set by the industry. Non-conformance can always lead to legal concerns and it may also become a problem for the company or the end users.

This is why Volantsoft has a robust quality assurance system in place to ensure that all products and services meet the quality standards of the industry. Our quality team has conceptualized a number of software testing solutions which use the insightful technology-specific competencies and a deep understanding of the industry-specific requirements, to ensure that the software conforms to the industry standards.

Our results also involve customer-focused business models and critical thinking along with a complete analysis of the business objectives of the organization. This helps us deliver results which help our clients use the latest and the best products and services which are compliant to the policies and regulations of the industry.

It also helps in avoiding the chances of ending up with software that is defective or one that may not be completely secure. This can lead to severe damage for the company in terms of reputation and profits. This is why a QA and a testing team is important. They can help you in averting such risks. With the increased dependency of organizations on software and programs, the risk of faulty software is even higher and the potential damage is even greater. Volantsoft offers exceptional quality assurance to ensure that your company does not have to worry about these risks.

What makes Volantsoft Quality Assurance Exceptional?

Volantsoft believes that quality assurance is more than just a series of regulated tests that can check for faults in a software. We take it a step higher by ensuring that it meets your business objectives and we try to identify business risks that may occur specifically to your organization when using a particular software. Our understanding of software and programs runs a lot deeper than just the usual quality checks. We interact with a number of clients from different verticals on a daily basis. This interaction helps us understand the requirements of a business from the software. We use this understanding to identify if the quality of the software meets the business goals of the organization.

It helps our clients understand if the software will meet their requirements once they begin to use it in the real environment or not. It helps them answer a lot of questions that they may have regarding the software. We use our insight of software created for different organizations to analyse a software and figure if it really meets the standards of the industry or not. The utilization of this insight makes us exceptional.