Enterprise Application Development

At Volantsoft, we have a team of experienced and creative developers who have developed enterprise software for businesses from various verticals. We specialize in Ajax, Hibernate, Java and a lot more. With the help of our team, you can rely on getting the best enterprise application that meets your business requirements. Not only do we aim at achieving results in the most challenging environs, we also aim at ensuring that the program we create is carefully discussed with our clients so that they know what to expect.


The biggest talk in the developer community today, is the unnerving increase in the number of cyberattacks. Sophistication seems to be increasing on both sides – the developer and the hacker side. This is why we endeavour to create applications that are fortified when it comes to attacks. We practice attention to detail in order to ensure that all vulnerabilities and risks are foreseen and the applications that are created can reduce the risk of these attacks. The value of your business often relies on the security of its applications, this is why we assure all our customers that security is the foremost consideration at the time of developing enterprise applications.

Responsive Apps

All of our clients want an app that is responsive. Given the explosion of mobile devices around the world, it is pretty obvious why customers would want their apps to shape shift so that it can fit into a variety of screen sizes without looking awry. Adaptive applications are no longer an option, we ensure that all our apps are completely responsive until our clients ask otherwise – which is rarely the case.

Using State of the art technologies

We have expertise in using a number of front-end technologies which can speed up the creation of an application. Front-end frameworks are a huge deal in the community of developers now and with organizations demanding specific requirements which can be easily met with these front-end technologies, we are able to ensure that applications are skilfully created on a strong framework.

The Volantsoft Approach

We enjoy serving clients who like to know about our progress and who keep tabs on the work we do. It increases involvement and ensures that the results are satisfactory. The Volantsoft approach is simple, yet effective when it comes to the satisfaction of our clients. We keep our clients updated on the work that is being done so that they can share feedback and inputs during the development process.
It helps our clients get a more satisfactory application by relating their vision to us and helping us take steps to realize their vision. We also indulge in talking to our customers about the application that is being created and the technology we will be using for them so that they can rely on us.