Enterprise Application Integration

The Problem:

Your organization may have a number of tools, applications and programs that work to meet a spectrum of needs in your company. With every team or department having a different set of requirements, there is a chance that different applications were built to meet those requirements. But like every organization, every department works to achieve the objectives of the company, and this may require the tedious task of compiling information from different areas, ensuring that all the applications are up to date, and also handling the mounting problem of redundant data.

The Solution:

Enterprise Application Integration is your solution to put an end to these problems by integrating the applications, business processes, hardware systems and legacy programs. Sounds easy? The devil is in the detail. At Volantsoft, we take care of the details.
The Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) services provided by Volantsoft helps you coordinate and consolidate data from all the enterprise systems, whether it is on premise, on cloud or third party apps. In doing so we ensure the following:
• We aim at providing enterprise dashboards using EAI without disturbing the current systems that are already in use.
• Our seasoned architects also ensure scalability through our EAI services
• With the help of our systems integration specialists, we also ensure that your EAB data is safeguarded.
All our EAI projects adhere strictly to industry accepted best practices so that our customers can get a solution which is validated by the industry. We use a number of tools, templates and frameworks in the process of integration to make sure that it is robust and reliable. Some of the most common platforms used by our team for integration are Oracle Fusion Middleware, TIBCO, webMethods, Magic XPI and Microsoft BizTalk.


We discuss the requirements of our clients keeping in mind the current state of applications and processes in the organization before our team of architects create an integration roadmap. This roadmap helps our clients understand the procedure and methodologies that will be used in the EAI. The roadmap is also helpful in understanding our approach and helping us with feedback before we begin the integration.


The integration begins at this step where we implement the model for integrating your business processes and applications. This is the step where the main work is carried out. We keep our clients informed on the progress and work continually on any feedback provided by them to ensure that the integration reaches satisfactory results.

Support and Maintenance

Once the integration is complete, Volantsoft continues to provide support to our clients. We can be reached through a call, email or chat for support with the integrated system. This also includes necessary upgrades to the system to ensure that it is able to provide the best solution to our customers and we provide maintenance services if there are any issues.
By choosing us for your organization’s EAI, you can achieve a futuristic architecture for your organization making it easier for your company to stay competent in the market. In addition to this you will be able to do away with uncertainty and your company will notice a notable increase in the efficiency of the departments with lesser time being spent on duplicating data.