Mobility Solutions

Volantsoft has partnered with a number of customers as they embarked on the journeys towards embracing enterprise mobility. We have created versatile apps for our clients to meet their organization’s mobility needs and help them stay ahead in a mobile dominant world. Our mobility solutions are focused on engaging your company’s employees and deep-rooting the loyalty of your customers through user-friendly applications which are exemplary of a well-architected app and a visually appealing design.
If you are not sure why your company needs mobility solutions then think all over again. Not only does it help in enhancing your customer’s experience by allowing you to engage on a more personal level with your customers without over-stepping their comfort zone. Our applications are task-specific as well as industry-specific which means that you will be presented with an app that has been sculpted specifically for your requirements.
For your employees, it can be a useful tool to increase productivity and inspire better engagement with them. With the help of mobility solutions you can also reduce IT costs of your organization.

At Volantsoft, we have a team of highly innovative individuals who help us create products and services that help our customers modernize the enterprise mobility solutions in their company. Every organization has its own requirements when it comes to handling mobility solutions. Some of our customers look for simplified mobility management solutions while others want higher security levels and easy app development. While these requirements usually reflect the needs of IT oriented teams, organizations who require an app for their employees and customers want something that is personalized and provides a rich user experience.
We offer mobile apps software along with app lifecycle management and cloud based IT management as a part of our mobility solutions. We also provide a range of other mobility enterprise services that help our customers stay atop competition. With the help of our mobility solutions, we help our customer achieve:
• Seamless communication throughout the organization by joining all employees through one app.
• Reduced IT management costs by enabling ticket raising and issue creation system within the app.
• A sense of security in the mobility solutions they use.
• Reliable mobility solutions which our customers can depend on for handling large numbers of users.
• Scalable solutions that empowers you to grow without worrying about altering the applications that you use.

The Volantsoft Difference:

Our team continually endeavors to provide best in class services when it comes to providing mobility solutions to our clients. Not only do we ensure that our customers get the most from the products and services we provide to them, we also ensure heightened security in all the services. With mobile applications becoming the need of the hour, we have already helped a number of customers embrace enterprise mobility in a seamless manner. Volantsoft ensures that we take the time to understand your requirements and analyse the business objectives of your company to provide solutions which are aligned to your organizational goals.